Why Android Phone can be your beneficial partner today

You will be little confused to know that several of your friends might be going out to purchase different kinds of android phones. You know why they love it! Well, if you have not been following this phone from earlier then it means that you might have lack of proper knowledge about the android. Here in this blog, you will be getting a lot of knowledge regarding some of the special features of the software.


Different varieties of messaging services a person with android software can have; from MMS and SMS and Android Cloud to Device Messaging. And even one can also find an enhanced version of C2DM, the scope of those enjoyable messaging services would be serving you here.

#Web browser

Unlike in the past where the web browser used to have the WebKit but today the android is all having open-source Blink layout engine along with Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. Some of the common browsers found in an Android mainly consisted of ‘default browser’, ‘AOSP browser’, ‘native browser’ and ‘stock browser’. When one talks about the Android 4.4 kitkat then Google has had mandated that the default browser coming into use would have proper Google Chrome.

For ensuring the separate security updates by Google, android 5.0 Web View browsers which can be used by apps while having of displaying the content of the web has been separated in this entire android software.

#Voice-based features

From the first release of android, the Google search through voice has been in existence. The voice action which gets used for calling, navigation, texting etc. are all found in support with the android 2.2 onwards. While having of Android 4.1 one would find out that Google has increased the expansion of  its own voice Actions through the ability of talking back as well as reading the answers through the Google knowledge graph when any kind of specific queries or commands are given to it.


HTC Hero was the first tech where multi-touch android has been donning and available but later on Android also brought out such features. At kernel level this feature was disabled in order to avoid the infringe with the apple patents at the touch the screen technology. At that time Google also already released the update about Nexus as well as Motorola Droid thus enabling the multi-touch native.



Android also has one of the wonderful applications in its kitty; and it is none other than the multitasking along with the unique memory allocation handling which is already available.

#Screen capture

In android you will find an amazing feature of capturing the screenshot through pressing the home screen buttons and power right at that time.

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