Top Strange But True Stories of 2015

There are so many stories that are still unknown to some people and those stories seem strange but worth-knowing. Here is a list of stories that came all the way in 2015 that are quite strange but interesting to know.


1) The shorter your skirt, the bigger the discount you will get!

If you love or simply prefer to wear short skirt, a Chinese eatery is right for you; the restaurant provides huge meal discounts particularly the woman who goes wearing short skirts. A Jinan-based eatery gives female customers the huge discount particularly if they wear short skirts with a measurement of 33 centimetres just above the knee. Customers who wear such short skirts are the ones who are given 90 percent discount on their food. And 20% of the bill will be borne by the customers who wear 8 cm.


2) Australia develops ‘curvy’ Beyonce-inspired skyscraper

It is not only the men and women who have been all after Beyoncé’s fiercely curvaceous frame but it has become so inspiring that it even got designed in different architecture. The 33 year old singer is has become a symbol of inspiration and it is the reason the body is just an inspiration for Australia skyscraper. The Designers at the Aussie firm Elenberg Fraser were drawn to Beyoncé’s ‘Ghost’ music video in which the Premier Tower of 68 story situated at 134 Spencer St. Melbourne.


3) World remains stunned! When a man was covered by 1.1 million bees that itself sets new world record.

The Chinese beekeeper has not stopped smoking even though he was covered by 1.1 million bees. Gao Bingguo, a 55 year old man sets up a new world record when he was covered by 1.1 million and out of which he had suffered from 2000 stings while he attempted to puff of the cigarette. He is not a stranger as he spent 35 years while continuing to keep the bees.


4) Weird couple having taken their wedding pictures with coffin!

It is one of the many strange stories that took place in the year of 2015; wedding is the platform for showing the love and affection and connectivity between the two souls in an amazing and unique way. But unusually the couple took extreme by taking pictures with coffin. The couple Jenny Tay, 29 and Darren Cheng 30 surprised the world when they posed pictures together with the white coffin in the park of Punggol in Singapore. When asked, they said that death is also one of the important aspects for them.


5) Yes, the Wife Carrying World Championships in existence!

There are people who don’t know there is a championship of carrying the wife. Most of the people tend to feel surprised to hear that such world wife carrying championship really exists. Ville Parviainen and Sari Viljanen are the couple who won the championship after wining the 253.5 metre course and having successfully climbed up the two dry obstacles as well as crossing out the mini-pool and had waded through it.

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