Top News Stories 2015

Top News Stories of 2015

#Chennai Floods:

chennai floods image

There has been no report regarding the immediate rescue service operation in the area affected by the floods. There have been protests which erupted all across the region due to the non-availability of items that were essential for the flood victims. The floods led thousands of residents to move towards the safer places because of the non availability of services. Protests were all over the region which continued for two days.


#Bihar Election:

Bihar Election

Two lakh people have witnessed the oath taking ceremony of the Nitish in the Gandhi Maidan, the venue from where the historical movement of Quit India Movement in 1942 was launched from where the Jaiprakash Narayan called for revolution against the then prime minister Indira Gandhi. Nitish kumar had taken the oath as Chief Minister of Bihar for the 5th time where twenty eight other ministers including 12 from RJD and JD(U) followed by four from congress have also sworn in during the oath taking ceremony.


#Same-Sex Marriage Right Won:

Same-sex marriage right won

In the year 2015, the fight for the marriage with the same sex was won. In the same year Volkswagen had become the most embroiled one in the scandal. Caitlyn Jenner was most popular transgender person of the world. And now 100% of American people in America have won the right to marry their chosen partners when the Supreme Court had given the ruling favoring the people that same-sex marriage can be initiated legally in the country all across.


#1,125 People Killed by Police:

1,125 People Killed by Police

The killing of one thousand one hundred twenty five people had been the top news story for some time. There was no exact record that how many people had been killed by the law enforcement and it was the Guardian who had decided doing it. The discovered results obtained from narrates the story especially the persons who had been killed. The kind of death and their demographics everything was revealed.


#$517m in Ticket Sales:

$517m in Ticket Sales

After releasing the movie, Star Wars, the ticket sales of the movie went $517m especially in the opening weekend of the movie. It has made a record and became one of the top news stories as it is the only second movie in Hollywood in the year 2015 to have such huge opening just right after the Jurassic World.


#Deadly Paris Attacks by ISIS:

Deadly Paris Attacks by ISIS

The deadly Paris attack has been the top news story globally in 2015 where a series of attacks were carried out by terrorists. The responsibility of the attacks was claimed by ISI; it was the evening on 13th November 2015 when the attacks took place in Paris as well as in the northern suburb and Saint-Denis. The bombers had attacked nearby the Stade de France in Saint-Denis and mass shooting carried out at restaurants, music venue and cafes. 130 innocent people have been killed during the attacks in Paris.


#3.3m Instagram Likes:

3.3m Instagram Likes

Kendall Jenner obtained 3.3m likes when she uploaded her own Instagram photo of with an image of her being down with her hair that has been arranged into hearts – It became the most liked Instagram post of 2015.

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