Top celebs moments of 2015

Top celebs moments of 2015

Every year certain kinds of gossips by celebrity are seen in TV, Newspapers etc that come all the way to you; however, among those gossips there are some stories that last longer than usual. Here is a list of stories by celebrity that can be counted as big celeb moments of 2015.

#Debut by Caitlyn Jenner

It is the biggest celebrity moment of the year 2015 when Bruce Jenner decided to transit into woman who is Olympian earlier on. He sat for interview with Diane Sawyer in order to narrate his story. Caitlyn Jenner appeared first time on the cover of Vanity Fair and she truly donned with her strikingly beautiful and different look. And when she is starring the docu- series on E which is rightly followed by the journey of the star girl in order to be the part of trans-community that shows that her family has the transition even comprised of daughters such as Kendall, Kylie, Kourtney and Khloe.


#Donald Trump Makes Announcement at Trump Tower

It is very difficult to even remember the fact that one cannot run any presidential campaign without the Donald now and the most biggest announcement ever made was when he declared that he would run for presidential candidacy as Republican candidate.

Donald went on shocking the audience through his brutal honesty as well as controversial comments about the Mexican immigrants as well as war veterans and women. His polarization only caused the cutting of ties by NBC and Macy with him and also resulted into the finding out of new TV network by Miss Universe as well as Celebrity Apprentice that got suspended till the new host was found.


#Josh Duggar’s Two Confessions in 2015

Even though the TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting remained cancelled for weeks but it is quite disbelieving when one looks at the entry of 2015 year. Highest ratings have been drawn by TLC and apart from that there are also many other big events that took place in the Duggar’s lives. But the entire world came down after being shocked revelation that Josh Duggar molested 5 young girls during his teenage period. And more shocking is when the two of those young girls revealed to be his young sisters both Jill and Jessa. Right after that there are numerous companies which had pulled off their ties from their partnership deals and backlash came up from audiences. It later on led to the pulling on the hit show soon after that.


#Cosby’s Victims

It was in fact in the year 2014 when there were reports which surfaced but the year 2015 was all that brought out the severity of Bill Cosby’s actions that came to be known. It was the beginning month of July, when 45 women came forward and put accusations over him for being sexually molested and abused by him.

Additionally, the court also presented documents saying he used drugs when he has to sleep with woman when he desired.


#Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Break-up

The duo couple broke up after ten years of successful marriage when they had 3 children together and the break up become one of the top listed split couple in the year 2015. The couple are Ben Affleck as well as Jennifer Garner. Although in the past also they were rumoured to have split but every time they are seen together. So this time when such break up and split news surfaced, it really shocked everyone when they found giving statements of divorce by the stars.

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