The  most interesting statements of Kareena Kapoor!

If you are really a great fan of Kareena, here are some of the important statements that she has given and you would be really happy to know them. Here you go:-

Look also matters for Kareena


When it comes to making a choice of life partner, the beautiful lady, Kareena Kapoor says look matters for her. There are number of qualities that one must look into the life partner when making a choice. But for her look gets a huge consideration that cannot be denied and ignored. When she is found talking to Miss Malini, she said confessing that the first thing she looks for a man is his looks. Further she quickly told that a man has to have a combination of everything; she even gave an example of her husband Saif Ali Khan thus praying for both his culture and intelligence.

Kareena Kapoor says “Returning awards won’t solve the problem”


Kareena Kapoor is always considered to speak to her mind and when asked about the recent trend of filmmakers returning their awards, she said that she would first give preference in addressing the problems or issues rather than giving back the award. She also feels that returning of award would not solve anything. She agreeably said that issues are not personal but those issues truly affect the entire nation and it is the reason one needs to speak against it.

“I’m happy with my paycheques”


The entire B town is under the waves that female actors are not being paid well and on asking the Kareena, she says that she is content with the way she is paid. She further added on the salary issue raised recently that she never had to consider salary as an issue and she is not complaining about the issue of salary but rather she is very much happy about it.

She prefers to give more importance to script than her pay cheques; and she further says that she has personally improved her sense of script with the passage of years. Although Bajrangi Bhaijaan is continuing to win hearts and now Kareena Kapoor Khan is all making no stone unturned for R Balki’s Ki and Ka, and she will be seen all along Arjun Kapoor. While giving the interview to DNA, she says that her script sense is improving.

Kareena Kapoor Khan says, ‘Two years from now, I’ll be a mom!’


After success of latest release Bajrangi Bhaijaan Kareena Kapoor is riding on high and in her recent interview with, the actress has come up and spoke detail about her close relationship.  On asking her if she is protective of her sister Karishma who has become single again she says it is the Saif, her husband who is more protective by nature. She further clarified about the conception of her marriage, Bebo feels that being into relationship has made her more matured and she became very responsible towards her family.

Even she said that she used to call to Saif’s children to come to them but she again justifies saying they too have their own social circle. On asking her about her future planning about her being mother, then she said she is not yet ready and she is thinking to go for it right after two years from now. Here you read why she says that there is no one other than her.

‘There can’t be any other Kareena’


There can be no other Kareena is one of the statements that you would love to hear from your favourite actress.  She seems to be killing in the song of Mary from Brothers where she is found to be seducing Sidharth Malhotra in the song. The actor was quoted saying he showed a desire to have a younger version of Kareena whom he could have been dating. Responding back to it, she says that there can never be another kareena and it is because of not anything but only because she believes everyone has his or her own personality and she considered it as a compliment.


There are thousands of persons who have so many things to learn, see and experience and one must make it true to say that life is all about learning and experiencing new things. It is the reason why you must make it a pride if you choose anyone to be your role model.

Have you ever observed why do people always love to go for watching movies in cinema? Generally you can contemplate in yourself and you will truly find it scintillating to know some of the best possible reasons. Here are some of the best benefits which are very much immense; it is always full of fun to sit with friends all together with you munching popcorns as well as sipping your flavoured favourite items!

Besides, along with fun you can also gain so many things from watching movies; here is a list where you will know some of the best things that are going to happen with you. Within certain specific period of time you will be excited, emotional and scared as well as happy during those two and half hours. Once you come out from your theatre doors you will automatically feel de-stressed, rejuvenated and not to forget of becoming little romantic. Here you can have a glimpse towards some of the best benefits.

Awareness: Awareness is something that you will gain on watching movies as some of the movies are made and produced with a theme of being making aware of the audience. There are several kinds of social issues which are prevalent today and the audience would have different kinds of perceptions on number of issues shown particularly of honour killing, caste system, dowry as well as socio-economic division found in the society.  The existing issues can be wonderfully expressed through visual process in an interesting way. Therefore, one must know and understand that message is delivered to mass audiences.

 Best Hangout for Couples:

If you are really willing to get romantic then you should spend time together with your beloved and there is no better way to spend time by watching movie together. And you can come out holding hands together and it will make you more closely and bonded with one another as well. Couples are must to go for hang out specially in watching movies in cinemas. Even once you are entertained and you will feel aroused and then you can also romantically involve into different kinds of activities.

Having the thrilling experience:

If you are really having of different kinds of needs of excitement and thrill then you can opt out to have it from watching wonderful movies. There may arise some situations where your heart will ask for permission to have thrills and excitements. For instance, you have been working for a long period of time and you just need break and recreation. In this case you can draw out immense amount of thrill and fun that would provide you different kinds of valuable experiences.

Good laugh and bonding:

Have you observed that you laughed out your heart while watching funny scenes in a movie last time? If it is for a while that you are not having good laugh then you can think of hanging out for movies. There are some of the very rare moments that you are going to have that would make your experience very much memorable and unforgettable as well. A good laughter is all enough to make and lighten up your mood and this way you will have enough amount of time to get bonded. And that’s all what comedy does normally which is why people seem to be very happy. Just imagine that you can laugh together and get emotional together as well which means that at certain period of time you will be having of wonderful moments that would make you perfectly bonded.


One of the best things or benefits that you can obtain is to get inspired by watching the movies. Historical figure and biopic by nature would automatically transform your energy for good cause and you will surely get inspired. In this way you will have some of the best amazing truths that in life you will be encountering. After watching you will start to see yourself getting transformed and you will visualize ordinary men and women getting that sort of transformation which will motivate you largely.


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