summer vacation in top 10 hill stations in India

When one talks about vacation and fun-filling entertainment through different kinds of cheerfulness then one must visit to India. This world’s largest multicultural country has numerous kinds of hill stations where you can choose anyone out of the top 10 hill stations given here.

Entering into the history of the country, the hill stations which are shining at the moment have all been developed by the British as it is because during their stay in the country, they had to rush to those hill stations for getting respite from the summer heat. You will find the development of the hill stations carry some sort of meanings; it is because of the fact that there is so much to consider leading to the formations. The beautiful picturesque lakes that have been made as the major focal point  and some of where one would find wonderful places for even boating activities. Here is a list of those vacations spots considered as the major hill stations where you can rush out to enjoy with your beloved.

#1 Srinagar

Srinagar has become one of the major honeymoon spots as well as vacation spots for most of the couples from around the world. It is the real reason why one would always prefer to visit there out of passions and just for cementing out their bond with their beloved. It is the capital city of Jammu and Kashmir where visitors can be delighted with the presence of beautiful scenic attractions made by lakes as well as recreational and relaxing houseboats. The gardens as well as lakes are found to be quite scattered with each breadth and length of the city and it is the reason why people know the city by the name “Land of Lakes and Gardens”.

There is a huge influence of Mughal emperor as there are so many gardens which were cultivated by none other than Mughal emperors. In the entire Asia continent, one can witness the largest tulip garden in the city. The city celebrates tulip festival every year during the month of April.


#2 Manali

You will be really getting the beautiful sight of great and soothing backdrop of Himalayas which offers both the peacefulness as well as tranquillity and a bit of adventure as well. The presence of this great sight has made Manali to be the leading destination for vacationers as well as honeymooners.  Based on your preference you can enjoy either huge or little depending upon you; and along with that you would also love to cross the border where you will find the magical place covered with pine forest as well as beautiful rivers such as Beas River where you will be energized after your visit.



#3 Nainital

Nainital is one of the leading destinations for vacationers and family holiday makers; it is because of the wonderful atmosphere accompanied by none other than natural scenic attractions. It is mainly located at the region, Uttarakhand which can be considered to be the main retreat especially for the British when they were ruling the country. The presence of serene, emerald colored Naini Lake as well as the Mall which make the destination perfect for everyone. Even you can also find out enjoyable forest walks, exploring through the surroundings in a horse ride and you will find best restaurants for meals and hotels, shops etc. Finally you can have huge relaxation in a houseboat as per your wish.


#4  Mussoorie

This destination has been attracting several thousands of persons or tourists from around the world which is why it has found establishment and international recognition as major tourists’ destination. It is located just an hour distance from Dehradun in the state of Uttarakhand and often people who are willing to go for weekend would prefer it. It has been the best choice for honeymooners from around the world country and the world. The presence of so many well managed as well as developed tourists facilities have been the sole reasons why visitors love the place.

Riding through cable car to Gun Hill, and having of wonderful natural walk through the Camel’s back and you can also arrange a picnic at Kempty Falls. Even you too can also visit to Lal Tibba which is considered to be the highest peak in Mussoorie riding on the horse and from here you can have beautiful sight of Himalayas.



#5 Shimla

When the country was under the British Raj, Shimla was the summer capital; and finally it got the status  to be the capital city of Himachal Pradesh. The destination is cool as well as charming with so many towns found in full vibrancy under the mountain ridge that has been covered through oak, rhododendron forests as well as pine. It better expresses the colonial cultures through colonial style buildings followed by historical railway. In addition, you can explore the beautifully constructed old Christ Church with stained glass windows, Viceregal Lodge on Observatory Hill. Even you can also engage into different kinds of adventure sports such as short hikes in the vicinity. You also should never miss the ride of toy train to Shimla.


#6 Munnar

Munnar is a destination where romance would automatically attracts you and steal your heart out. This beautiful hill station is located in Kerala where the entire region is covered with scenic beauty by famous and most renowned sprawling tea plantations. If you wonder how the tea is processed then visit to Kundala Tea Plantations would be must for you. Even you can take the fresh tea straight from the garden yourself. The hill station is full of wonderful attractions where you can look and explore the misty hills, winding lanes as well as forests with different kinds of exotic wildlife as well as plants.

Anamudi is the perfect site for adventurous trekkers which is considered to be the highest peak of South India and further you can also visit to Eravikulam National Park, or enthusiastically can go for rock climbing and paragliding.


#7  Ooty

This hill station is one of the major hill stations in India where large number of people from around the world usually visit. This hill station was built in  the 19th century by none other than the British who made it as their summer headquarter of the then Chennai government. It has become now the same place for escaping out from the harsh temperature of the capital city. 22 hectare Government Botanical Gardens, which take place on the month of May every year as summer festival followed by Ooty Lake boating and climbing Dodabetta Peak from where one can see the beautiful view of Nilgiri hills.


#8 Darjeeling

Darjeeling is one of the major hill stations which attract several thousands of visitors both national and international who enjoy and get romantic after their visit. This hill station is beautifully located in the state of West Bengal which is very much popular because of the beautiful tea gardens. Additionally the visitors would also find Mount Kanchenjunga very much stunning. The historical toy train, botanical gardens, monasteries and zoo are the attractions that would steal your heart out. You can also look forward to ride the famous Darjeeling-Rangeet Valley Passenger Ropeway cable car (the longest cable car in Asia). Besides, there are also so many markets and villages that you can explore which make the hill station very attractive.


#9 Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is one of the leading hill stations which is located in the Palani Hills of Tamil Nadu situating in Madurai. The literal meaning of the hill station is “Gift of the Forest”, where different kinds of flora and fauna are the attractions for visitors. Even you can also enjoy the scenic attractions in the form of orchards of pear trees as well as building with gabled roofs when you step in to the town. You should also never miss the Bryant Park in May as well as waterfalls where you can enjoy the boat ride on the lake and have wonderful experience through plenty of walking trails. You can also willingly purchase the herbs as well as aromatherapy oils in the hill station which is quite popular.


#10 Matheran

This is also a popular hill station which is very close to Mumbai city in Maharashtra; it provides a plenty of different kinds of walking trails as well as lookouts. The place is perfect for people or couples who would want to have peace and get into romance. It is because there is no vehicle or even bicycles allowed and it can be considered as the most soothing relaxation for visitors.

You can have moments without getting any sort of pollution both the noise and air. You can cheer up by having of horse ride and having of the scenic toy train ride with your beloved.

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