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SpiceJet Crew Presents Dance Show to Passengers in Flight on Bollywood Songs on Holi Occasion!

Can you stay away from holi during this mega festival? The popular festival has entered everywhere; be it in outside in the ground, campuses and even in office! Here the busy SpiceJet crew got a reason to cheer the passengers in board of the plane. She presented a dance on the songs of Bollywood as part of the enjoyment on the eve of Holi festival. It was just before the flight took off.

In the last year also, SpiceJet did the same thing and presented a dance show mid-air in order to pleasantly surprise the passengers on the flight. However, this year they did the same thing but only before take off by flight. They took outmost care and pleasantly performed to the cheering of passengers.

It is a great initiative indeed to see airlines going extra mile to introduce new things as part of innovation in the attempt of giving out pleasurable experience to passengers.

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spice jet holi celebration


Spice Jet Dance

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