Salman Khan discharged from all cases, breaks down after the verdict!

After the court verdict the superstar, Salman Khan have had a huge sigh of relief and even broke down when the high court of Bombay on Thursday acquitted him from the 2002 hit-and-run case. He was supposed to get the long five years imprisonment but it got overturned which is a pleasant news not for him but for everyone of his millions fans all across the globe.


The Justice AR Joshi had all to say, “The appeal filed by Salman Salim Khan is allowed. He is acquitted of all charges against him. His conviction and sentence stand quashed”.  Right after hearing the acquittal, Salman who wore black and white checkered jeans was seen lowering of his head and having of huge sigh and then had looked at the judge from the witness box. After the pronouncement of the verdict, the Justice Joshi came out from the court and the actor mingled with his family and lawyers with a sense of relief.

While the lawyers of the actor were all scrambling around just giving final finish to the legal formalities, the actor was seen having reclined towards the wall and a humming of a song was heard. Full of emotions, he suddenly broke down right after which his bodyguard, Shera just moved to him and told him to turn his face towards the wall just to evade people from looking him cry.

Alvira, his lovely sister couldn’t hide her happy smile and just gave a flashing thumbs up sign to those reporters who were around her. It was around 1.30 pm when the 49 year old actor had come to the court as per the direction given to his lawyer by Justice Joshi and the actor was asked to be present for the entire operative part of the hearing.

The actor later showed his gratitude and thanked to all his lawyers even to senior counsel, Amit Desai who later on said, “This is a victory not just for Salman, but also us. It is satisfying as an advocate when the court appreciates your arguments and accepts it.”

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