How to stay away from flu and cold in this winter!


Unhealthy body is all that would make your mind and soul unhealthy which means that there are numerous kinds of other related issues that would be coming up. Right from the beginning of the season one has to take care from those infections which means that there are numerous other entertaining forms as per the healthy body and sound is concerned. In order to draw out different health benefits you have to choose out something that is valuable and you need to be pro-active which means that you have to take pre-cautionary measures as per your requirement and it is the best way for you to come up with so many ways. In this way you will be finding out a new way to lead your own lifestyles as well as numerous other incredible ways that you can be proud of.

In case you are worried about the coming winter season then you must be pro-actively committed to those home-made remedies that would keep you safe and secured and you can stay away from infection.

Winter is a season which brings both the cold and flu which is why several people from around the world would be affected. It is the season which brings along with the infections and different other health problems. You may find it irritating to have so many different kinds of infections as per the season is concerned. Even if you are really willing to keep your near and dear ones away from different kinds of infections coming up in this winter, you have so many alternatives that can be taken as precautionary measures. Now most of you would be wondering to find out how exactly you can truly stay away from flu and cold in this winter!

Keeping yourself warm: The first thing you need to do is to keep warm and while keeping yourself warm you need to follow some of the important tips given by granny. As per the suggestions which have been given by your grannies coughs, flu and colds can be prevented by keeping warm; it is because of the fact people are accustomed to stay wearing light clothes during autumn season and they are so used to it that they are not used to wear warm clothes and once cold starts they start shivering. Shivering causes the immune system depressed and it makes the persons more prone to colds. The nature of functioning of the immune system is affected through shivering and lowering of the levels of the sunlight which also causes alteration of the hormones such as serotonin and melatonin.

Washing out your hands: It is scientifically true to say that such infections of cold and flu is transmitted from one person to another through sneezing and germs followed by physical contact and touching the vital vulnerable parts such as noses, eyes and mouths. Some of the invading germs can find those parts as easy access. It is the reason washing hands would help preventing the chance of catching the virus, rotavirus and even preventing of vomiting as well as diarrhoea.

Watch the weather: You must know the fact that low cloud, misty as well as dull condition would increase the germs as the survival of viruses is more probable in misty condition particularly when the weather is moist. The germs can be found attached hanging in the water droplets during the cloudy as well as dull weather when the breeze blowing the germs away is low.

Watch the weather

Never huddle and heated: In winter most of the people have the tendency to be staying closer to one another and it makes easier to have some of the common infections which may pass from one person to another. You must take care and prevent crowd places such as packed buses and trains as well as department stores followed by shoppers. Your respiratory system may be affected through central heating which reduces the defences. It is because the protective mucous found in nasal passages gets dried up. The sore throat comes up because of the dried and stuffy air of the central heating and one would definitely suffer from serious health problems such as asthma etc.

Now in case you have been probably caught up in some of the infections caused by flu and cold then you can add Echinacea that you must make it as part of your daily routine or in case there arises a necessity of peeping up your immunes system in order to withstand from the cold during winter.

For healing up the wounds and infections most of the Native Americans used the Echinacea plant and today one can see people widely using it for boosting of the immune system while fighting out the flu and cold. Even the bacterial and viral infections are also cured through it. One important property of this Echinacea is that long usage would lead to ineffectiveness of it. You must know that you should take it till six to eight weeks at a time.

Another important component that you can take is the Zinc and garlic which is very essential and helpful for fighting out the colds as well as offers boosting to your immune system. Most of the great food sources that you can go for is oysters, eggs, seafood, meat, black- eyed peas and wheat germ, tofu followed by Vitamin C that would have good effect on your cold. The garlic has itself medicinal properties which would ease out your chest complaints and even frequent taking in small amount of garlic would help you cure flu and colds.

Garlic helps ease chest complaints and small amounts taken daily may also reduce the frequency of colds and flu. In addition, you can also go for drinking plenty of water and most of the times most of the doctors usually advise people to drink more water as it has good health effect. One must normally have eight glasses of water per day in order to stay healthy. The toxins that have been accumulated inside your body would be flushed out once you start drinking water more often and it will keep your kidneys more functional and in proper condition.

In case you have been already infected by mucus drier as well as suffering from cold and dehydration then drinking of plenty of fluids will help you to flush out the infection. Sleeping soundly will also help to prevent infection as because of the fact that due to lack of sleep one may possibly have possible infection. If you don’t have good and sound sleep then you will never be able to keep your mood well and in this way you will feel highly stressed and not feel well and finally you will lose the fighting ability against the germs and bacterial infection.

Never huddle and heated

Engage in frequent movement: Staying in always movement would help you because constant and regular exercise in winter will help you a lot; besides circulation of your blood well, you will also have a number of natural killer cells generating in your body.

Some of you may not know if you are suffering from cold or flu but there are certain specific symptoms that you will come to know here. Most of the persons usually term both flu and cold as same and interchangeable. Some people say that they are suffering from flu but to be precise, they have only cold. In different words although some of the persons get mixed up these two terms but they do have distinct differences.

It is important to know the difference between the flu and cold because once you know the difference then you will be able to have the exact idea what to do in order to cure the cold and flu.

The best way to have the idea to find out is that if you have fever or not; toddlers and infants suffer from fevers due to colds and fever ranges from 37.5 and 39 degrees C. And in flu most of the patients have fever ranging from 38.5 and 42 degrees C. Another important feature of cold is that one would have symptom within one to five days of exposure to it. But the flu is different and the symptom appears within one to three days.

Once a person has flu then the person would have muscle aches, fever and fatigue. Right after that he would start having of sore throat, infections in ear, croup and pneumonia and/or bronchiolitis. The typical pattern with a cold is truly different from other. While having of cold a person may possibly have an itchy throat as well as irritated nose. Right after that you would start showing sneezing, coughing and you will surely have a watery discharge from the nose.

Everyone is looking for having of good health and with the changes of season; most of the persons have to take care of themselves. It is because with the end of rainy season and summer season, here comes the winter season and with it one would have different kinds of diseases which are seasonal by nature. But still one must be very much careful about those bacterial infections which may cause you ill.

There may be so many different kinds of things that you can do in case you truly want to prevent some of those commonly happening seasonal infections. It is the right reason why one would have to be extra careful. During this winter you have to be extra-cautious as dehydration could be affecting you. Unlike in hot summer day when people get sweated and that ensures that they had to take plenty of water in order to avoid dehydration. But surprisingly most of the people are not yet aware of the fact that during winter season you will still have the possibility of having the problem because cold temperature will surely affect your thirst sensations.

It is very important on your part to keep balance of fluid in your body and it all relies upon the thirst stimulation. In case you feel too much thirsty then you should consume a lot of fluids and drinking of water would ensure that kidneys to be fine; and this process is ensured by controlling hormones such as AVP (plasma argentine vasopressin) followed by so many things that can stimulate these hormones. To elaborate you must know the process where your body loses fluid and then you will find the sodium level in your blood increases but the volume of blood gets reduced.

Therefore, if you truly love to have a healthy body then you must make sure that you should go for having of some of the special things as per values as well as many other things of great pride. Then you must gear up for looking forward to see some of the techniques that are used to offer such kinds of enjoyable values. With the change of season so many numerous other things are to be taken care of and in this way one has to look after such kinds of valuable enjoyments.

The best way to have meaningful and healthy life is that you would have to choose out the best entertaining forms which are rightly there available. Changing of lifestyle is important and it is the reason why one has to have maximum significant as per the values that are concerned to your good health. A good health is all you need as part of your wealth which is very much significant and therefore, you truly require some kinds of enjoyable things that are all associated with the kind of lifestyles adopted by you.

It has always been great to have so many things which are very much significant and accordingly one has to choose out the right measures before being caught out into these complications. Many a times, one has to choose out to present so many things that are reliable and valuable which means that there are various kinds of ways that you can prevent well in advance.

Engage in frequent movement

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