How to detect HIV/AIDS Symptoms!

People who are having of HIV would not find any kinds of symptoms initially; it is all like flu illness which can go beyond several days or weeks once exposed to virus. Common health problems consist of fever, headache, tiredness and enlarged lymph glands found in the neck. Once after few weeks one would be free from those symptoms.

Initially in the beginning of the infection a person does not have any kind of symptoms; however, progression of the disease changes from one individual to another. This kind of sign would continue to exist from few months to ten years. In this period you will find virus continuing to multiply quite actively and even can infects as well as kills the cells of entire immune system. This immune system allows for fighting against the bacteria, viruses as well as many other infectious causes.

The virus which destroys the cells are mainly consisted CD4+ or T4 cells; once you find your immune system weakened then the persons who are infected with HIV can possibly have some of the following symptoms which are as follows. The persons may possibly have lack of energy; would have weight loss. The person would also have frequent sweats and fevers; even one can be having of persistent yeast infections and there are also so many other persistent skin rashes as well as flaky skin. Short-term memory loss is another great symptom and one can see sores in mouth, anal and genital from herpes infections.


AIDS can be considered as the most advanced stage of HIV infection; most of the people or experts usually define AIDS as the people who have been infected are the ones who would have only fewer than 200 CD4+ cells per micro-liter of blood. In the advance stage one would find around 26 conditions which are not found in people who are healthy.

Those conditions are infected and caused by bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses as well as some other organisms. Besides, there are some of the common symptoms which can be detected as follows. If the person is having of cough and shortness of breath, seizures and lack of coordination, difficult or painful swallowing as well as some other mental symptoms. These kinds of mental symptoms mainly consisted of severe and persistent diarrhea, confusion and forgetfulness.

Fever, vision loss, nausea, abdominal cramps, vomiting, weight loss and other extreme fatigue followed by severe headaches as well as neck stiffness and going for coma are the major symptoms of the AIDS.

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