Your Dog Loves You Five Times More Than Your Cat- Science Has Proven It!

You have both the two pets the dog and cat and you care and show affection both of them. Now you have been hearing others saying that it is not only the humans who can show love and affection but the animals too as well.

Who Loves us More ?

Cat        Dog?

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In order to justify it you can have a look at both the dog and cat; you will find cat to be lesser caring than the dog. Although they are having both of their own unique style of caring the owners; a research after carrying out brought out an interesting fact that the canine friend has more respect and affection for you. During the research where an upcoming BBC documentary consisted of US neuroscientist Paul Zak having taken the saliva samples from 10 cats as well as from 10 dogs and right after that he had playful session that brought out the concrete results of faithfulness.

Even during the playful time with their participants on their encounter they have tested by taking the sample in order to detect the presence of oxytocin which is a love or bonding hormone. Even it was also found that the owners of the dogs when they interact with their dogs they tend to release oxytocin and the overall results found was a 57.2 percent oxytocin increase in dogs. But 12 percent increase of the hormone was found in cats.


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