medicinal benefits of coconut oil

Amazing beauty and medicinal benefits of coconut oil!

Most of you are really aware about the coconut oil but you are still not aware about the medicinal effects the oil may possibly have on you if you apply it. Even the retailer sells so many coconut oil products which comprised of ingredients that ensure hair growth and even improve up the quality of your hair.     

Here are the five top Amazing  and medicinal benefits of coconut oil that you will be able to cheer up through proper applying to your body.

medicinal benefits of coconut oil

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For the skin

You just go on mixing up some sugar with coconut oil and get it rubbed on the skin; just simply keep it for duration of ten minutes in order to remove the dead cells present in the skin. If you continue to use it regularly then you will surely have smoothened skin. Coconut oil will also help you to fight out infections, blemishes and pimples as because it contains of salt which has medicinal properties.

For the teeth

If you have teeth with ugly colour then you usually go for different varieties of brands and ingredients of toothpastes. But here with your minimum effort you can find safest and chemical free toothpastes in the form of coconut oil. All you require is oil and salt and rubbing of your teeth for three to four minutes in order to get the healthy, sparkling and cavity free teeth.

For the hair

Everyone knows that one can prevent hair fall and ensures growth of the hair. But it is something new for any individual to have reversed greying of the hair as well as having of stoppage of grey hair from appearing when coconut oil mixed with lemon juice is applied to the scalp and hair.

For the foot

Although most of the people are not aware about the healing properties of the coconut oil but people have been using it for curing up their cracked feet. And on continuous application of coconut oil would heal up your cracked feet even within a week.

For the lips

There is lesser number of people who know the good healing effect of coconut oil which has the nourishing properties when applied. Even after applying for overnight, you will have supple and soft lips. You will also find your lips pink when you used on constant basis.

If you keep following those tips then you will find it really amazing and have good health effects on your part.


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