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7 reasons why ‘Comedy Nights live’ was truly boring!

The Comedy Nights in new version is having lesser amount of entertaining effect; it is said to be boring and dull. The poor performances and stale concept have not been up to the mark as expected. It miserably failed to impress and laugh the audiences. Even the show’s format and decor have all been same as earlier one that used to be under ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’. Here are 7 reasons why the comedy nights live was boring.

comedy nights live

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  1. Bittu Sharma replaced by Pappu:

The new show has been hosted by Krushna Abhishek aka Pappu Singh and it is very clearly seen that there is nothing new and innovation that came through to viewers. Even in social media the audience showed their disinterest about the show and the effort and trying to take the place of Kapil Sharma became a big failure.

  1. Pappu’s father:

Sudesh Lehri has simply portrayed the role of Pappu Singh’s father and all of sudden the audience got to see him flirting with bua of the previous show. It got failed as the character played by none other than the Chandan Prabhakar in Kapil’s show very miserably and there is no question of match.

  1. Male version of Lalli

Even the Bharti Singh while playing the role of Kapil Sharma’s son Chintu Sharma ended up showing the male version of Lalli. It is true to say that the character of Bharti Singh was really popular but it was not to be at this platform. Even for making the atmosphere humorous they went all to take the jibe at Bittoo Sharma in the entire episode.

  1. Irritating Gujarati neighbor

Even when audience saw Siddharth Sagar to be playing the role of padosan as well as Mangla Mafatlal, but she was having of wacky style statement and yet she walks just like the penguin. In spite of being true to her role and matched act, he was truly irritating and even didn’t look funny at all.

  1. No change at all to the 22-years-old bua

It was found as if Upasna Singh aka Bua didn’t go anywhere and even she made a declaration that she was being paid more and it is the reason she  was simply sticking all around there.

  1. Mika – Is it the perfect replacement?

It was the Sidhu who had all been the backbone of Kapil’s show. Here Mika made a replacement of sidhu in this new version and the response is all equal to zero in terms of the entertainment.

  1. Uninterested Madhuri

Even the audience saw the beauty legend Madhuri Dixit to be looking truly uninterested on the show. However, she even did not have much choice but had to do it fake. And it is her artificial laugher which is indicating her to be missing Kapil Sharma. Even at one point she really did look uneasy particularly when Krushna was making fun of her dance guru, Saroj Khan.

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