6 signs that you have Diabetes!

Among so many diseases, Diabetes is considered to be one of the major silent killers and it is because this disease has signs that are hard to notice very easily. The disease can really create havoc as a result of which several other organ damage may take place. The high blood glucose found in the patients of diabetes acts just like the poison which is always accompanied by high amount of blood pressure. Other uneasiness also includes the abnormal blood lipids that form an evil team and create havoc in individual.

The cells of the body normally depend upon the glucose for drawing out energy and it is the reason glucose is very much important for smooth functioning. Although most of the time we do take glucose from fruits directly but majority of glucose gets derived from the rice, bread, potato which contain starch after breakdown in the intestine of carbohydrates.

The body cells transport themselves glucose through the means of bloodstream which is found just like an elaborate road as well as rail network inside the body. While going for using of glucose, your body requires insulin which is a hormone that is produced by pancreas. Insulin helps in unlocking the cells which allows the entry of glucose. The people who have type 1 diabetes cannot have insulin to be able to help their bodies to use glucose as if just like pancreas has made lockout. And there are people who have type 2 diabetes which means that they have enough insulin earlier but they cannot use them because the locks of the cells seem defective as well as insulin resistant; the signs and symptoms of both the type 1 and type 2 are almost similar.

In order to stay away from such silent killer disease, here you know some of the signs that you are still unknown about.

Increased thirst or dry mouth: Increased thirst as well as dry mouth is one of the important signs that you have it.

Frequent urination in large volumes: Having of such kinds of diabetes means that you will have urination more frequently and that too in large volumes. If you have these signs then you must see doctor and get your diabetes test done.

Increased hunger: If you feel hungry at any time of the day and you actually cannot stay away from hunger and you constantly crave for eating something, then you can say that it can also be a sign of having diabetes.

Loss of weight without reason: In case you are having of weight loss without even a reason as you eat more still you are losing it, then you can meet doctor to get your diabetes test done.

Fatigue (weak, tired feeling): Moreover, you will be feeling extremely fatigue and weak as well as very tired. If you have such kinds of signs then you should be delayed in testing out your diabetes test done.

You will be more likely to have infection: If you have frequent infections even in your private parts where you have fungal infections or even it takes time to get your cuts fully healed. It means that you are likely to have diabetes.


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