10 types of friends that you are in need in your life

10 Types of Friends that you are in Need in Your Life!

Here is a list of different types of friends that you need in your life. Some of them would make you to have snorting water out of your nose as you cannot control your laughter; even some of them will tell you Chod na’, leave it, particularly when you carry grudge that you are not supposed to carry. They will also make you feel their presence will help you to see things falling into the place even though you are stuck in complication.

But the reality is that you no matter how many of them you meet in your life , yet you cannot have enough of them in your life. Each of them brings a new things into you; something different and more unique in its own ways. There are also friends who you need in order to make your life more meaningful and efficiently enjoyable and brighter!

Types of Friends that you are in need in your life


#The Friends Who have Kickass Sense of Humor

Are you worried of something? If it is the case, then you truly need a witty people in your life. He is the friend who would put and bring laughter in you through splitting you with pure sarcasm. There is a little bit of Chandler and Sheldon Cooper in him; and they are the ones who are needed for making the life easier to lead.

The friends who have kickass sense of humor


#The Foodie

They are the ones who eat everything. They eat not out of hunger which is more often than not and once you want to eat, this is the friend to call even it is too late at night. They are the ones who know where to find the best chicken wings and nicest masala fries and at cheap rates.

The Foodie


#The Friend Taking the Charge When You Are All in Need of it

‘Where should we go?  ‘Chinese or Italian?’, ‘What do we do if not eat?’, these are the  things that come in your mind. And when these things come you look little puzzled; then you all of sudden start looking at the leader for direction. Everyone seems to be stressed out and caught up with anything then if such charging friends are with you, it makes your life little easier for you.

The friend taking the charge when you are all in need of it


#The Daredevil

These kinds of friends are the ones who lead you to a ‘haunted house’ the ones with whom you watch horror movies; the one whom you feel at ease when summoned spirit with Planchet all though you are scared.

The Daredevil


#The Friend Who Never Judges You

They love to lend you their ears and patiently listen what you say; you can share your scandalous stories and all your secrets with them. They will never say you did wrong or mistake. They only keep listening just letting you to pour it all in you. Every time you feel you need to make a confession then you love to turn to them for talking.

The friend who never judges you


#The Friend Who Has no Filter for You

They are such friends who would love to tell you the way it is. They never tiptoe when you are around and even never get scared of hurting you and your feelings. They just tell what you require to hear and they won’t have any regrets for saying it you. It is because they know it is all because of your own goodness.

The friend who never judges you


#The Adventurous Type Ones

He is the one who would inspires you and persuade you to go for trekking, taking a trip on your own, riding a bike in Ladakh as well as jumping into the river without any caution. He is the person who would love to live quite on the edge.

The friend who has no filter for you


#The Gyani One

They are the ones who seem to be full of knowledge and they have suggestion for everything you say and ask for. They easily can tell you why the sky is blue and even go for telling you why your course is full of shit. They will also come up with reason for your break up which is spiritual. They are the ones who love telling it others and never get scared of sharing it.

The Gyani friend


#The Optimist and the Pessimist

You have friends who are optimist and even pessimist; you cannot go with one only but you require both. A pessimist will help you through pessimism and then you will come to know the other side of the situation. Even he will prevent you from getting into the situation blindly.

Even if you are pessimist then your optimistic friend will encourage you and even pull you up when required. He will help you in getting rid of negativity around you. He will tell you what can be achieved and done through positivity.

The Optimist and the Pessimist


#The type of “The Bilkul Pakka One”

When you need to go for shopping for your friend, or wife then just don’t forget to go there with your Bilkul Pakka friend.

The Bilkul Pakka One

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